Create a deep multi-ecological DEX (Decentralized Exchange) Maskswap (Mask Exchange). Mask is the meaning of a mask,which means the Anonymous Agreement, that is,Defi decentralized finance.

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Mask is the meaning of a mask, which means the Anonymous Agreement, that is, Defi decentralized finance.

MaskDAO is to solve the related industry pain points of the lack of existing financial blockchain products ecology

For global traders, regulatory agencies, service providers, and consumers, it provides a closed-loop financial payment ecosystem. Through the self-adjustment and development of multi-dimensional product architecture, it quickly establishes user big data and provides users with trust, subsidies, and value-added ecological services.

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Mode of operation

And MaskDAO adopts DAO's operation mode, namely Decentralized Autonomous Organization, Chinese is a decentralized autonomous organization.

Eliminate fraud

MaskDAO's funds are obtained and used in an open and transparent manner. The source and destination of each fund are very clear, and there is no underground transaction.

Reduce communication costs

There is no room for negotiation to implement a certain decision. It only needs to run according to the contract and the proposal obtained by voting.

Reduce management costs

MaskDAO has no hierarchical structure, no CEO, no manager, and no management costs.


MaskDAO has no hierarchical structure, and everyone is equal. No one has the right to make decisions, everyone can propose a plan for the organization and it is likely to be used.


All participants hold MaskDAO tokens. The better MaskDAO runs, the more valuable the tokens will be.

Token Distribution

MSK issued a total of 8 million, never additional. Users can use MSK to borrow the liquid stability currency USDT and earn value-added income through MSK market liquidity.


1. Hold THE MSK platform pass and participate in community self-governance.
2. Liquid mining, pledge mining, decompression at any time, low flflux.
3. Manage trusted authorization.
4. Polymerizer mining to obtain MSKI NT rights and interests
Contract address:


The overall architecture of MaskDAO is divided into 3 levels: core layer, service layer, and application layer.

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MaskDAO(Mask Protocol) is a completely decentralized community governance protocol to create a deep multi-ecological DEX (decentralized exchange) Mask- swap(mask exchange).
The world's top centralized exchange has always been plagued by security issues, decentralized trading is an irresistible trend of development. Relying on the development of the underlying infrastructure, MaskDAO decentralized Exchange is committed to creating a super decentralized exchange integrating the resources of the whole industry.
MaskDAO is committed to becoming the world's largest decentralized blockchain and digital currency value investment and lending platform, to help users one-stop solution to the non-standard investment channels of digital assets and the lack of investment varieties; Popularize blockchain knowledge and promote the healthy development of blockchain ecology.
MaskDAO team established the foundation in the UK (hereinafter referred to as MaskDAO foundation) for the project management main body, is responsible for the fair, open, transparent, no profit as destination MaskDAO project operation, maintain normal MaskDAO platform and community development and operations, to manage all raise the security of digital assets, and provide support for MaskDAO development and operation team.

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